Specialty Wheelchairs

Which Specialty Wheelchairs Will Be Right For You?

There have been a lot of wheelchairs introduced for public use over the years and all of them have been created for the same reason: to restore mobility and independence to the disabled. From power chairs to sport wheelchairs, the list of specialty wheelchairs continues to grow and the sky is literally the limit for their continued use. If you need a wheelchair, do you know which one is the right one for you? Let us explain some of the recent innovations, so that you can decide which one will fit your lifestyle the best.

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Specialty Manual Wheelchairs

One of the best innovations to come along in manual wheelchairs has got to be the lightweight wheelchair. Very easy to maneuver, the lighter frame makes moving along on your own much easier, because you no longer have the bulk and heavier weight of the old rigid frame chair to deal with. Moreover, if you like to travel a lot, lifting one of these in and out of a vehicle is a dream, because most models weigh no more than fifteen to twenty pounds.

Speaking of traveling, users who prefer to use a manual wheelchair have also taken to the folding version of specialty wheelchairs. Made of the same lightweight metal as the lightweight wheelchair, there are basically two styles of folding wheelchair available: the x-frame and the folding back. The first type folds up just like a stroller, collapsing so that it lies flat. The other compacts into a more solid square, as the seat back folds down and in, making it very easy to store.

Special Duty Wheelchairs

For years, wheelchair use was restricted for anyone who weighed over 300 pounds. Today, however, that has changed with the introduction of a powered transport chair specifically designed to carry a greater weight with the same ease and maneuverability as other wheelchairs can. In a similar vein, the all-terrain heavy duty chair allows riders of any weight or capability to enjoy the great outdoors and handle pretty much any terrain, including uneven grades. Both models sport heavy duty batteries with a longer battery life and tough, thicker tires to deliver mobility without stress.

For those who enjoyed a previous active lifestyle, there is a manual wheelchair designed especially for athletes. Made with the same lightweight frame as some of the portable wheelchairs, the sport wheelchair has a lower profile, with a much wider wheelbase for added maneuverability. The tires are thinner and slicker, granting speed without sacrificing stability. Users of this type of specialty wheelchairs will often play basketball or compete in marathons with great success.