Wheelchair Accessories Offer Independence, Convenience & Security

For those who need a wheelchair to get around, wheelchair accessories can do much to improve your quality of life. Today you can find a diverse array of innovative accessories for wheelchairs that can help you with a wider range of needs and make your life easier and more comfortable.

At Mobility Specialists, we have a wide range of high quality wheelchair accessories that can help you achieve more and go more places than you thought possible. Call us today and we can help you explore the variety of options available.

Wheelchair Accessories

Exploring Your Options in Wheelchair Accessories

Let’s take a look at some of the options that you can choose from in order to make your life more comfortable.

Seat Cushions

Whether you choose to buy a foam, air float or gel cushion, good quality wheelchair seats are an absolute must. A well constructed and well padded seat cushion will support good posture and help prevent pressure sores and other neck and back problems that could arise because of restricted mobility.

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps come in very handy when you need to hoist your wheelchair into a vehicle and even when you need to enter a home that is difficult to access because of the stairs. Depending on your particular requirements, you can either choose a portable or a semi-permanent ramp or you can get a permanent wheelchair ramp built specially for your particular location.

Wheelchair Lifts

If you live in a duplex home, a chair lift can help you access the upper floor.  There are several different types of ramps and lifts available for different situations.

Wheelchair Bags

These are bags that are especially built to be strapped on to the wheelchair so you do not have to keep items on your lap all the time. Unlike regular bags, these straps are sturdy and designed so that they will not fall off and get lost.

Drink Holder

Just the thing you need so you can stay hydrated with your favorite beverage without having to hold the glass in your hand all day long.

Lap Tray

This specially designed tray secures on with hook-and-loop Velcro straps and allows you to read, eat and work comfortably instead of having to juggle things on your lap.

Gel Gloves

These gloves have gel inserts that help cushion the palms and protect them by absorbing the vibrations.

The accessories for a traditional wheelchair would be quite different from those for an electric wheelchair or a power wheelchair so you need to first take into consideration the type of mobility vehicle you own before buying any accessories.