Transport Wheelchairs

The Benefits of Using Transport Wheelchairs

Transport WheelchairThere are times when an illness or accident leaves someone without the ability to get around on their own. This usually means that another way must be found, by either the patient or their caretaker or loved one, to restore that sense of mobility and personal freedom once more. For many, this means that a power wheelchair or other electric wheelchairs will be purchased for their use. Unfortunately, not everyone can use one of these wonderful devices on their own, and for them, a low cost alternative exists: transport wheelchairs.

If your loved one cannot use a power chair or scooter on their own, an affordable alternative is available. Contact us at Mobility Specialists today for a breakdown on our complete line of transport wheelchairs.

What exactly are Transport Wheelchairs?

A transport chair is a wheelchair that is designed to be pushed by someone other than the user, just like the ones used in hospitals everywhere when a patient is ready to be released. A nurse or orderly will place the patient in a transport chair, and wheel them to the exit. This is the same type of wheelchair available for home use, and is a low cost alternative to the more expensive power wheelchair or mobility scooter.

The design of a transport chair is even significantly different from that of a standard wheelchair. Where manual wheelchairs would have larger rear wheels, with a rim that is normally used to propel it, a transport chair has significantly smaller wheels, making it dependent upon someone else pushing it along for mobility purposes. It also weighs far less than a standard wheelchair, weighing in around fourteen pounds. Being so light, it makes it a dream to carry around in a vehicle or around the home, especially since there are folding versions available for home use, and can easily be stowed in the trunk of a car. It is also very durable, and can easily carry a person weighing up to 300 pounds without trouble.

Why use a Transport Chair?

The people who regularly use a transport chair could be divided into two distinct groups: those physically incapable of operating a wheelchair, and those who do not need a wheelchair long-term. For the second group, their limitation is temporary, and may not wish to invest in a standard or power wheelchair for the duration. They are also best to use in homes where the bigger chairs cannot be used easily, because of their larger wheelbase.

The first group, on the other hand, is primarily suffering from permanent immobility, and cannot possibly operate a wheelchair of any kind on their own. Since they require the services of a full-time caregiver, they often opt to use transport wheelchairs for their everyday needs. The chairs are lighter than most, and will not be a burden for the caregiver to push around for hours on end.