Why Correct Seating And Positioning Is So Important

When anyone is reliant upon a mobility device such as a wheelchair or scooter to get around, the most important thing you can do for them is to ensure that they have the correct seating and positioning at all times. With incorrect seating and positioning, an individual who is wheelchair bound can develop painful pressure sores, which if they not properly treated in time, can easily become severely infected.

The best way to ensure that your loved one has the correct seating and positioning is to be certain that the mobility device has proper cushioning, and that it has been adjusted accordingly for their posture and height. Chair cushions are the quickest way to adjust a person’s posture within the mobility device, and to ensure that their weight is evenly balanced without pressing upon anything that can cause a pressure sore.

There are several kinds of adjustable wheelchair cushions available for mobility devices, which can even be layered for optimum comfort. Some of the most popular of these include:

  • Wheelchair Seating and PositioningGel Seat Cushions: Gel seat cushions can reduce the pressure placed on the body by the chair seat by adding a layer of gel comfort between them and the chair. These cushions can be manually adjusted after placing them on the device so that you can be sure the rider’s posture is in a comfortable sitting position. For the best posture, it is recommended that the gel be placed more towards the rear of the regular cushion.
  • Foam Seat Cushions: A foam seat cushion, used in conjunction with gel pads provides the best solution of all. The foam can be used as the base cushion, with gel pads being moved about for comfort being the rider and the seat for good posture and least pressure. Another way is to use the gel cushions as the base, layering them for the proper seating tilt, and then using the foam seat cushion on top of them. This works especially well when the patient’s height may also be an issue against a comfortable fit within the chair.
  • Inflatable Air Cushions: Inflatable air cushions make the best quick fix possible. These are inflated as needed, and are available in many sizes, so that they can be used to bolster seating and positioning, or used as posture bracing, or as just another layer of comfort anywhere within the mobility device. Because they are inflatable, they can be blown up to any hardness you wish them to be, to ensure the proper level of comfort at all times.

Caring for a loved one but not sure about the proper seating and positioning to use for their comfort? Our compassionate professionals at Mobility Specialists can teach you how to achieve the best fit quickly and easily.