Threshold Ramps Make Getting Around Even Easier

If you find yourself restricted in your mobility and wind up using a wheelchair or power chair to get around your home, it may be time to make some changes in the home environment to accommodate your needs. One of the hardest things to maneuver in the home can be doorways, because the thresholds installed might block the wheels from passing through them safely. A quick solution that will not require remodeling are threshold ramps, a simple and easy to use aid that will have you rolling smoothly in no time.

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Ease of Use

Threshold RampThreshold ramps are designed to give your wheelchair or power chair easy access over doorway thresholds without being hung up on the metal strips. They are portable, making them easy to use anywhere inside or outside the home, and can be placed into position in seconds. You can then leave them set up without having to permanently affix them, or you can take them with you for use anywhere you go.

They come in a variety of materials and lengths and for many types of use. They can be easily used in standard doorways, or some can even be used to negotiate curbs and short steps. They can even be custom ordered to fit your needs for any situation, even in the workplace, if desired. Even sliding doors can be made accessible to scooters or wheelchairs, without damaging either the threshold, or the chair.

Styles of Threshold Ramps Available

The typical ramp for thresholds will be made of plastic, rubber or aluminum. They can be folded up when not needed and extended to cover most doorways and steps quite easily. Aluminum ramps also come with extendable lengths, so that even a short series of steps can be overcome without risk to the user of the wheelchair. Rubber ramps do not normally extend but can be cut to a desired length depending on their intended use.

The basic ramp will easily hold the weight of a wheelchair but for scooter use, you may want to choose a type that can handle up to 850 pounds. This takes in the weight of the chair, so that the ramp does not become damaged during use. Plastic ramps are smoother than most, so should only be used in interior doorways, while rubber threshold ramps come with embedded treads for safety purposes and are best used to get in and out of the shower area, or from decks that can be exposed to the weather.