Things to Consider When Purchasing a Single Fold Ramp

A single fold ramp for wheelchairs or mobility scooters can be an essential piece of equipment for daily activities. It can be especially handy for getting over small obstacles, maneuvering short staircases, or even getting past curbs. Some types can also be used for moving your wheelchair or scooter into and out of a car and the ability to fold them also makes them very portable. There are several kinds available and there are other things to take into consideration before making the final purchase.

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Single Fold Ramps

How Ramps Help as Mobility Aids

The purpose of a single fold ramp is to provide mobility options for wheelchairs and power scooters. They allow these chairs to gain access to rooms and areas they normally could not because of physical barriers, by providing a way to go over those barriers with ease. These ramps are not meant to be used as a permanent ramp but rather as a portable mobility aid, as they fold up for storage purposes.

That said, if your main reason for purchasing one is just to use it to get in and out of the home, you may be better off just building or installing a permanent ramp. Having to constantly fold and unfold a portable ramp should require being able to use it more often and for more purposes.

Ramp Sizes

Bigger wheel chairs and mobility scooters will require a wider ramp for their use. There are folding ramps of various sizes, so you will need to make note of the dimensions before shopping. If you use a folding wheelchair, you will not need a very wide ramp. For carrying purposes, if you plan to use it a lot, purchasing one that is lightweight, such as an aluminum ramp, would be best.

Ramp Lengths

This type of ramp folds in the middle, creating a suitcase sized portable ramp for use. Most of these come in a length of between seven and ten feet, which is capable of handling most obstacles, but if your true purpose requires more, then you might have to consider a multiple fold ramp or a heavier duty, dual track ramp, primarily used for vehicle transport.

Benefits of Ramps

The main benefit of owning and using a single fold ramp is that you can take it anywhere, wherever you need to be able to get your wheelchair over or around a physical obstacle. In the home, you can use it to pass through doorways and over thresholds. Outside, you can use it to maneuver short flights of stairs, and over curbs. If you have a low vehicle, like a van, to travel longer distances, it can be used to load your wheelchair and allow you to get in and out with ease.