Pediatric Wheelchairs at Home and Away

Pediatric WheelchairChildren are children, whether they are in a wheelchair or not. They want to have a full and active life, no matter what their mobility status is. To that end, it falls to their caretakers and parents to see that they have appropriate pediatric wheelchairs to suit their lifestyle, at home and school, sporting events, and social situations. The wide variety of power chairs available for adults today also have models for children of all ages, it just remains to be seen which one is the right one for your child.

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What makes Pediatric Wheelchairs Different?

The main difference between power chairs for children and those made for adults is their adaptability. A lot of the models currently available can be outfitted for many of your child’s needs, especially as they grow. Seat backs, head rests, arm rests, and foot or leg supports can all be applied in such a way that they can be adjusted or “grown” as your child grows. The same can be said for the framework, suspension and wheelbase. All can be adjusted to adapt to the greater weight it bears as your child grows.

Children who have limited mobility of their upper torso and arms can have special control features added that will allow them to still be able to control their power chair on their own, if the need arises. You can also have the option of a reclining seat and back added, eliminating the need for constantly adjusting their position in the chair for them, and giving them a little more freedom at the same time.

Types of Pediatric Wheelchairs Available

Nearly every model of power or manual wheelchairs available for adults today can be outfitted for use by children. All that remains for you to choose, is what style would be fit your child. If your family travels a lot, a foldable lightweight chair may be the best option, especially if storage space in the family car is limited. An active child may want to be able to take the chair into the field, so that following their friends in play is easier to accomplish.

With power chairs, you can get a wider and higher wheelbase for the chair, with all terrain tires so that exploring the great outdoors remain an option for your child.

Longer life batteries, easy to use controls, and a host of accessories such as storage packs and wide selections of the necessary wheelchair cushion can make being in the chair throughout their day that much easier to deal with.

For school, streamlined pediatric wheelchairs might be best, with three wheel or mid wheel drive within a narrower wheelbase, so that they can maneuver crowded hallways and doorways with ease.