Three Wheel Mobility Scooters Offer Maximum Maneuverability with a Small Turning Radius

A mobility scooter is an innovative device that can help you overcome your mobility restrictions by restoring your ability to get from one place to another quickly and easily. With a device like this, you do not have to depend on anybody else to help you get around. Of the three different categories that are available, the three wheel mobility scooter has the smallest turning radius and offers maximum maneuverability, making it the perfect choice for use indoors at home and in stores.
At Mobility Specialists we understand how frustrating it can be when your mobility is restricted. We strive to help you overcome these restrictions with a wide range of mobility aids including power wheelchairs and three wheel mobility scooters. Call us today and let us help you find the best mobility aid for your specific needs.

Features of the Three Wheel Mobility Scooter

Three Wheel Mobility ScooterAs the name suggests, this is a type of power scooter with three wheels. One of the reasons why three wheel scooters are so popular is because of their low turning radius, which allows for easier navigation even in small or crowded areas. These scooters are designed for individual use and can carry a minimum weight of 220 pounds and a maximum weight of 250 pounds.
Earlier three wheel scooter models were large, heavy and cumbersome. Moving them around was not easy and in small spaces, it was especially difficult. Their larger turning radius did not help either.
The newer versions incorporate more advanced technology that overcomes all the limitations of their older counterparts. The new models are made of aluminum and are lightweight and compact making them easier than ever to use when squeezing through narrow passageways or doorways, navigating through crowds or making tight turns in narrow spaces.

Three Wheeled Scooters for Outdoor Use

The only limitation with these devices is that they are not very stable when going outdoors, especially over rough, uneven terrain. This is because three wheels usually offer less stability than their four-wheel counterparts. However, if you need to go outdoors a lot, there are full size three wheel models available that have heavier frames and larger tire sizes, which offer pretty good stability outdoors. Some models even come equipped with head lights, turn signals and tail lights for safer use on sidewalks and roads.
The three wheel folding scooter is particularly useful if you go out a lot. This model can be folded after use and easily transported in the trunk of your vehicle.