Importance of Selecting the Right Wheelchair Backs and Cushions

When your mobility is restricted and you are forced to spend several hours in a wheelchair, your comfort is of utmost importance and making the right choice of wheelchair back and cushion is instrumental to attaining that level of comfort. The backrest offers you much needed lumbar support, reducing back stress and protecting you from shock if you unexpectedly bump into something and a high quality seat cushion offers you adequate protection against painful pressure sores while also keeping shock and vibration to the minimum.

The importance of choosing the right wheelchair back and cushion cannot be underestimated. At Mobility Specialists, we have the knowledge and experience to help you make the right choice. Call us today and we will help you explore your options in keeping with your requirements and your budget.

Choosing the Proper Cushion for Your Wheelchair

Wheelchair cushions are especially designed for the purpose. Pulling out a cushion from elsewhere and using it with your power wheelchair will not really serve the purpose. What you need is a cushion that will protect your back, spine and hips by absorbing unavoidable impacts so you experience fewer bumps and bruises.

Seat CushionsCushions come in a wide range of dimensions. Before you make a final decision, you need to be sure that it can be accommodated by the size of the wheelchair frame. The right size and depth will be determined by the height of the chair back, position of the armrests and the actual length of the footrests as well as by how high or low you will be sitting.

It is important to replace your cushion at regular intervals in order to get the maximum protection. A cushion that is worn out will not offer you the protection you need.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that your requirements may change over time and the cushion that may have been perfect at one time may not meet your new needs. You may find that you have to change your cushion if there is a change in your body weight, posture or functioning, or if you have developed a pressure ulcer or are experiencing extreme discomfort or pain.

Choosing the Right Type of Wheelchair Back

Seat BacksWheelchair backs range from the basic backrests that are tension adjustable to more advanced versions that are customized to meet specific requirements. A well designed backrest can transform an ordinary wheelchair into ergonomically correct seating that supports proper alignment of the spin and improves overall posture.

While the basic backrest is good for users who require minimum to moderate lumbar support, the adjustable tension back offers a higher level of comfort and adjustability for users with acute back pain or those who have spinal deformities.

The Choice of Wheelchair Back & Cushion Is Interdependent

Although your cushion and wheelchair are basically separate purchases, the choice of cushion will be influenced by the type of wheelchair you will use. The proper combination is important so that you posture remains neutral and stable and you can operate your chair safely without causing any damage to your back.