Finding the Best Ramp For Your Needs

Designed to make life in a wheelchair easier, wheelchair ramps of today are tremendously versatile and are capable of adapting to almost every wheelchair user’s unique situation.  When choosing a wheelchair ramp, you need to take a few factors into consideration in order to make the right decision. Two of the most important of these factors are your physical health and your immediate environment. Knowing about the different types of wheelchair ramps that are available as well as the material they are made of will be of immense help in ensuring that you choose the right one for you.

The first criteria you need to take into consideration is whether the wheelchair is to be used inside the home or outside. Wood and metal ramps are ideal for use inside the home whereas concrete wheelchair ramps are best used outside the home.

The second criterion is the material that the ramp is made of. Some of the most common materials that ramps come in include concrete, wood and aluminum.

  • Concrete Wheelchair Ramps: Sturdy and durable, concrete wheelchair ramps are the ideal choice if you are looking for a permanent chair ramp.
  • Wooden Wheelchair Ramps: Easier to construct and lighter than concrete ramps, wooden wheelchair ramps are another popular choice amongst wheelchair users. Wooden wheelchair ramps are also more aesthetically appealing as compared to any other type of wheelchair ramp. Keeping in mind that wooden ramps can get damaged in extreme climatic conditions, it is best not to use these outside.
  • Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps:  Their durability and affordability make aluminum ramps one of the most popular of all the choices. These ramps are also quite strong with a high weight bearing capacity.

The design of wheelchair ramp also plays an important role:

  • Threshold Wheelchair Ramp: Designed to overcome the barriers that a doorsill presents, a threshold wheelchair ramp provides a kind of platform that the wheelchair can go over so that you do not have to actually lift the wheelchair over the threshold.
  • Scooter Ramp: Similar to the threshold wheelchair ramp, a scooter ramp helps you to ride your scooter over doorways even where the threshold poses a major problem.
  • Folding Wheelchair Ramp: The most portable ramp of all, the folding ramp can be folded into a tiny, tidy package, which can be transported just about anyway, giving you almost unrestricted wheelchair access at all time.
  • Lite Wheelchair ramp: Designed to be carried along anywhere you go, lite wheelchair ramps were born to meet the growing need for increased mobility.
  • The All New Suitcase Wheelchair Ramp: Ideal for individuals who have multiple ramp needs, suitcase wheelchair ramps are a kind of portable ramp that is designed and manufactured to look like a suitcase when folded.

For more information on the ramps that we sell in our store, please look at our ramps page.  You can also call our mobility store to talk to one of our representatives about an in home assessment so that we can find the ramp that will best suit your needs.

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