Customizing Your Wheelchair Saves On Consequences Over Time

Custom seating specialist KevinUsing a chair that isn’t modified to fit your personal needs could cause you several physical problems over time. In addition to causing carpal tunnel of the arms and hands it can also cause neck and back problems as well as problems in the joints and pressure points of the body. This is because the frame and size of the wheelchair can cause you to put extra effort into making them move, especially if your body is taller or smaller than the standard size and shape of the chair. It can also be a problem because of variations in door shape or size, distances you must travel with it, need for an easily portable chair and the level of activity you want to maintain while in it (such as if you play sports).

Getting a Custom Model That Works for You

The most important part of having a custom chair is having it work for all of your personal needs. This means that a representative from the company will come to your home and discuss those needs with you to determine the best possible modifications and model of chair for you. There are many questions that will be discussed during the assessment visit and you should feel free to ask any of your own as well. Coming to the store itself can offer you a great deal of information through our mobility specialists who are ready and willing to cover any of the questions you might have about the chairs or the customization process.

The Quickie ® IRIS, A New Approach to Tilt

Custom wheelchairThe Quickie® IRIS (which stands for Intelligent Rotation in Space) changes the way you can tilt in space. Rather than using the standard method of linear element or fixed and dual pivot points the IRIS’s pivoting design allows you to pivot by rotating the seat frame around your natural center of gravity. Utilizing this innovation along with a hi-resolution adjustment and as much as 60 degree posterior rotation the IRIS gives you better mobility, control and most important of all increased stability.



Getting Tangled in Cables Can be a Thing of the Past

Cable Free WheelchairThis chair also offers a foot release tilt actuator to help you evade the nuisance of cables without a complicated or sticky peddle to delay you and it’s offered to you at no added cost.





rotation wheelchairThe Quickie ® IRIS uses a rotational tilt system that avoids the outside pivotal point method and moves the seat frame around the user’s natural center of gravity to provide strong stability. With a short wheel base that moves smoothly and efficiently, the IRIS allows the user to maintain great control as well.

The Advantage of 40-60 degrees of Tilt

The IRIS has 3 available tilt ranges -5 to 50 degrees, 0 to 55 degrees, and 5 to 60 degrees on a standard 55 degree seat frame, and with the 40 degree seat frame -5 to 35 degrees, 0-40 degrees, and 5 to 45 degrees. When the seat frame rotates beyond 45 degrees, a great amount of pressure transfers from the seat to the back.  The IRIS evades this by offering 60 degrees of tilt and moving most of that pressure from the Ischial tuberosities.

Lower Seat to Floor Height

The IRIS features a 12 ½  foot  front seat to floor height and can be lowered to a lower seat to floor height of 10 ½ feet using a drop seat, a critical ability for those who use foot propulsion.

  • The IRIS also offers a special angle-adjustable stroller handle that can be adjusted to better match caregiver height.
  • On chair options like one arm drive, reclining backrest, vent and battery tray.
  • Patented back post bracket that allows repositioning of seat depth without taking off the attaching hardware.
  • Tilt angle indicator and a group of tilt stops are sent with every chair to improve title angle setting and precise tilt range.
  • Reduced weight by 6 pounds, 18 foot by 18 foot IRIS with 70 degree hangers that weighs only 39 pounds. A true back saving model!
  • A.R.T. Group the preemptive custom configured seating company whose portfolio includes the best brands in the industry. Rehabilitech, Adaptive Equipment Systems, Whitmyer Biomechanix Inc. All these designs have offered clinician and suppliers on helping the most profoundly involved clients.

With several options for customizing your wheelchair for utmost comfort and convenience, struggling with your wheelchair is a thing of the past. Visit Mobility Specialists and get a wheelchair that is designed just for you.


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