Car Lift

At Mobility Specialists, we offer a variety of vehicle lifts and ramps to help your wheels keep rolling wherever you want to go.  Whatever car situation you have, we have a lift or ramp for you.  Do you want the ease (and saved trunk space!) of an exterior platform lift for your power chair or scooter?  We have them, we install them, and our service representatives can field your questions about lifts, car types, and hitches.

Or maybe you’re looking for an interior lift that will pull your “wheels” safely inside your car with the push of a button?  We carry and install these, too, and can help as you decide if this is the lift for you.  Our interior lifts, like the exterior ones, can handle loads of up to 325 lbs and are designed to pick up and carry almost any model power chair and scooter.

For those who prefer the simple life, Mobility Specialists offers an incredible selection of ramps, in all lengths and widths, to help your scooter or wheelchair take the high road into your vehicle.  We have ramps for the back and for the side, ones that fold and ones that are pieced together, ones with spring assistance and ones without.  All our ramps are made of lightweight materials and are designed to be portable, but most of them carry at least 600 lbs.

We also supply ramps for home use, knowing that full mobility in the home is a top priority for our customers.  To make your house more of a highway, we sell threshold ramps, ramps for steps and curbs, and semi-permanent ramps with rails that take you up to your front door with ease.  All these products and more are available to take the bumps out of the road and give you back the freedom to travel anywhere the road leads.

Again, please call our highly qualified and knowledgeable customer service representatives, who can help guide you through the options and accessories available—and can answer any questions you may have.  We want to help match you with a ramp or lift that fits your tastes, needs, and budget because, as our mission statement says, we pride ourselves on offering independence and freedom to those with disabilities.

Portable Car LiftBe sure to also check out Mobility Specialists’ full line of accessories  and other mobility, home care, and bariatric products.  When you need a lift, Mobility Specialists will take good care of you from start to finish, and beyond.