O2 Compressor

Here are some example of our many nebulizers.

O2 Compressor

The Invacare Stratos Portable Plus is a sleek, new portable compressor that will offer speed, ease-of-use and stylish design in one compact package. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it will be ideal for those who desire mobility, expediency and efficiency in an aerosol delivery device. Here are some of its features:

  • Mobile – small size, quiet operation and battery pack (sold separately, model #IRC1731) will allow the unit to be used almost anywhere
  • Economical – premium product that is priced to fit the needs of the managed-care market.
  • Flexible – can be powered using the AC power cord in a wall outlet, using the DC adapter in a car, or using the optional battery pack.
  • Powerful enough to drive a standard nebulizer. Order model #MS2700 for replacement reusable nebulizers.
  • Three year limited warranty – UL listed

Reusable Jet Plus Nebulizer


The Reusable Jet Plus Nebulizer is an extremely efficient, durable and cost effective nebulizer. The special geometry and smooth surface finish result in minimal residual volume. Large 10 ml capacity. Here are some of its features:

  • 10 ml capacity and 6.5 feet of tubing
  • Low residual volume of medication
  • Constant nebulization in every position at an angle of up to 80 degrees
  • Nebulization rate = 0.4 ml/minute
  • Particle size: <5 microns