Nebulizer Accessories

Different Types Of Nebulizer Accessories Or Supplies

A nebulizer is a very handy piece of equipment for patients who suffer from chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma. An asthma attack can hit a person all of a sudden and it may not always be possible to rush the patient to a medical facility for treatment. Nebulizers provide effective treatment and can be used very effectively in your home. The nebulizer is made up of a basic compressor and has various accessories. These accessories turn it into a whole and it can then be used for the treatment.

Nebulizer Accessories

If you suffer from chronic ailments such as asthma, it is important that you should have a nebulizer at home. It is equally important that you have easy access to nebulizer supplies have to be easily available as well. At Mobility Specialists we provide you with reliable medical supplies of all kinds and also help with setting up the equipment within your home. We ensure that they are delivered to your desired location.

The Accessories

The ultrasonic nebulizers that are generally used in homes will need certain accessories and the specifications will change depending on the model that you are using. The two most important accessories are the tubing and the mask.

The nebulizer tubing leads out from the compressor and the inhaler mouth pieces are attached to it.

The nebulizer mask which connects to these pieces is held to the mouth of the patient and the medicated atoms that are dispersed via the tubing can be inhaled through the nostrils and the mouth.

Other accessories include cups, filters and mouthpieces. When the equipment is not in use, it is important to store it appropriately.

Caring For The Accessories Is Important

If the nebulizer in your home is not being used on a regular basis, check the compressor occasionally. This will ensure that you are not without a nebulizer when you really need it in an emergency. Even if the accessories are good quality ones, you will need to check the tubing and the mask for cracks which might appear over a period of time. Cracked tubing or loose joints at the compressor or mask end of the tubing will allow the medicated vapors to escape and compromise the effectiveness of the machine.

When you take out the equipment to be used, clean all the accessories under running water and ensure that the mask which fits around the face of the patient has been sterilized appropriately. You should also have the prescribed medication at hand. Despite this, if you need any medical help call the emergency number of a medical facility number near your home. When it comes to respiratory conditions, immediate action and treatment is of essence.