How Portable Oxygen Tanks Make Your Life So Much Easier

Oxygen tanks are used to store oxygen that can be delivered to a patient when they need it. If you or a loved one needs oxygen therapy, you will find there are two types to choose from – large sized tanks which are stationery and smaller tanks which are more portable.  While larger tanks are preferable in medical facilities, the smaller portable tanks are a better choice for home oxygen use.

Has oxygen therapy been recommended for you or a loved one? Choosing the right oxygen concentrator and tank can be overwhelming. At Mobility Specialists, we have several different types of oxygen tanks, which are best-suited for different applications. Call us today and our highly qualified and experienced professional who can help you make an informed decision so you buy the model that’s best for you.

Portable Oxygen Tanks

Benefits of Portable Oxygen Tanks

Usually a person’s first instinct is to get a larger model simply because it holds more oxygen, which saves you the trouble of having to get it refilled every so often. However the drawback is that it is as good as tying you down to one place. Stationary models are large and cumbersome. They cannot be lugged around. While this may be convenient and useful for a person who is bed-ridden, it is not practical for someone who is capable of and wants to move around.

  • Better Portability – Portable oxygen tank cylinders are light, convenient to carry around, which means you can have oxygen to go whenever you need it. They are also safe to use and operate. The newer models are made of aluminum and are even lighter than earlier models. They can be easily lifted and placed into the trunk of the car and can even be carried in a backpack if need be. This offers an immeasurable degree of freedom who travel often as you can even carry more than one when you are traveling long distance either by car or even when getting onto a plane.
  • Enhanced Maneuverability – Even when moving around in the house itself, the smaller models are easier to carry around especially in tight spaces and narrow doorways.  They fit easily into the holder of the wheelchair and the whole unit can be maneuvered around easily anywhere.
  • Easier To Operate – Another huge advancement with portable oxygen tanks is that they are incredibly easy to operate, whether it is for using oxygen, monitoring oxygen levels, refilling, or replacing the tank. This means the user does not have to depend on somebody else to monitor their oxygen therapy and can give the user a much higher feeling of independence and self confidence.