Oxygen Related Products

Essential Oxygen Related Products For The Home

Oxygen Related ProductsWhen you or a loved one have been prescribed oxygen therapy, it can be a daunting task to obtain essential items, let alone understand what you will need on a daily basis. There are so many oxygen related products on the market today, that it can be confusing to sort them all out. We can help you do just that, and we will cover the types of essential products you will need, for both the home and travel.

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Medical Oxygen Equipment for the Home

The first oxygen machine to consider purchasing is the oxygen equipment that actually dispenses the oxygen. There are three main types of central systems and they include the oxygen concentrator machine, liquid oxygen, and oxygen conservation systems. Liquid oxygen systems are large and contain a reservoir that holds several gallons of liquid oxygen. The liquid oxygen is heated and dispensed in a gaseous form when needed.

Conservation systems only dispense oxygen on a needed basis, with the help of a demand respiratory flow system, which delivers oxygen when you inhale and turns off the air when you exhale. This makes your oxygen supply last up to six times longer than the standard oxygen reservoirs. The oxygen concentrator, on the other hand, does not require any tanks of oxygen to be stored for its use. Rather, it takes the air inside of the home, cleans and separates the oxygen from it and delivers it to the user when needed.

Masks and Cannulas

To deliver the oxygen to the user, most patients will have a choice between using an oxygen mask or a nasal cannula device. An oxygen mask can be of different sizes but they all serve the same purpose in delivering oxygen without invading the respiratory system. The masks fit securely over your nose and mouth, held on by comfortable straps and allow you to breathe pure oxygen in as normally as you would without it.

A nasal cannula on the other hand is normally used by people who find the masks uncomfortable or confining. Consisting of two prongs that fit securely within the nose, it can be combined with additional lengths of oxygen tubing to give you complete freedom moving about the home.

Other Products

Depending upon your needs, other oxygen related products to consider purchasing are meters and portable oxygen. The Helios system for portable oxygen is lightweight, worn like a backpack and can provide extended hours of liquid oxygen while traveling. To ensure that you are getting what you need, pulse oximeters and flow meters will allow you to keep track of how much you need and are receiving.