Here are a few examples of the many CPAP / BiPAP / NIPPV products that we provide.



S8 Elite™ II with Easy-Breathe
Discover quiet

S8 II is the premium CPAP device in ResMed’s S8™ Series II, featuring the following new benefits:

  • Whisper-quiet motor Setting a new industry standard in quiet therapy and comfort, ResMed’s new sophisticated motor design delivers superior performance at a lower effort while cutting device noise significantly. By reducing noise, Easy-Breathe technology enables patients and their bed partners to sleep peacefully through the night.
  • Easy-Breathe technology Easy-Breathe technology combines new software, a quieter motor and improved EPR with Easy-Breathe for maximum comfort and a quiet night’s sleep.
  • Pressure relief for more natural breathing Featuring ResMed’s improved EPR with Easy-Breathe, the S8 Elite II offers pressure relief delivered in a smooth waveform that mimics patient breathing. With a choice of three different EPR comfort levels, the S8 Elite II with Easy-Breathe allows customized comfort for breathing that feels natural.
  • Why prescribe EPR with Easy-Breathe? Not all CPAP devices with pressure relief are the same. ResMed’s EPR with Easy-Breathe is supported by clinical studies, proving it equally as clinically effective as traditional fixed CPAP, but significantly more comfortable. EPR is preferred over traditional CPAP by 79% of patients (according to 2006 ResMed focus group).



Silent. Synchronized.
ResMed’s VPAP technologies provide the optimum in bilevel therapy in a smaller, quieter package. The virtually noiseless motor is up to 90% quieter than competitive products, minimizing ambient sound, helping to provide an ideal sleep environment. Complete synchronization to the patient’s breath rate, including a backup rate in the ST, assures that every breathing need is monitored and successfully accommodated. The units are contained within a compact package—the smallest, most convenient, and travel friendly in the market. No other bilevel systems deliver therapy as quiet, comfortable, and convenient as the new ResMed VPAP devices.

VPAP™ Auto 25 – Features and Benefits

  • Big Performance in a Small Package The system is exceptionally compact and convenient, and out-performs bulky products offered by competitors. VPAP Auto 25 is ideal for travel or home use.
  • Quiet Comfort with Easy-Breathe Technology Featuring Easy-Breathe, ResMed’s new comfort technology, VPAP Auto 25 offers nearly silent therapy and greater pressure stability so patients sleep comfortably throughout the night. VPAP Auto 25 uses Easy-Breathe pressure delivery and synchronizes with the patient’s normal respiration so that breathing feels more natural and comfortable.
  • Simple Setup The carefully selected default settings and auto-adjusting VAuto mode provide a one-touch setup that is appropriate for many patients. Traditional spontaneous bilevel therapy is also available along with ResMed’s Vsync™ and TiControl™ breath synchronization features for proven, reliable bilevel therapy treatment.
  • Proven Technology, Effective Treatment VAuto mode uses AutoSet technology to automatically adjust to a patient’s pressure needs as they vary throughout the night. With ResMed’s clinically proven AutoSet algorithm, VPAP Auto 25 is able to detect flow limitation and act preemptively to prevent apneic and snoring events. Equipped with three modes (VAuto, S and CPAP), VPAP Auto 25 is the most versatile device available and is compatible with the S8 ResLink™, H4i™, ResScan™ and S8 ResTraxx™.


Breath by breath—effective ventilation and synchronized supportNIPPV

The ResMed VPAP™ III ST-A offers unprecedented flexibility for effective bilevel therapy. It combines the exclusive features of the VPAP III Series with:

  • a full range of clinician- and patient-friendly alarms
  • adjustable trigger and cycle thresholds—a simple choice of “low”, “medium” or “high.”

Product highlights

In addition to the exclusive features of the VPAP III Series, the VPAP III ST-A offers a range of alarms for flexible monitoring.

  • Adjustable alarms:
    • Low Minute Ventilation alarm—to assess adequacy of therapy
    • Power Failure alarm
    • Non-vented Mask alarm—alerts to non-vented mask connection issues.
  • SpO2 display (when ResLink™ or oximeter is connected). Wider pressure range (from 3 to 30 cm H2O).