Oxygen Therapy – Who Needs Oxygen Therapy and Why

Who Needs Oxygen TherapyIndividuals who have certain medical conditions, especially those with lung disease, often need to use medical oxygen in order to help them breathe more easily.  An example of someone who needs oxygen therapy would be someone who has emphysema, a disease that damages lung tissue and becomes progressively worse through the years. Other people who have use for oxygen products are those who have COPD, an acronym for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that is a combination of emphysema and chronic bronchitis; a condition that also impairs breathing.  In addition, those who have other lung diseases, such as lung cancer, also use oxygen therapy.

Most people who need oxygen therapy have a chronic condition that impairs their breathing and tends to get progressively worse. For them, home oxygen supplies are necessary so that they can get continuous relief. While someone who is just in the beginning stages of emphysema can use an oxygen can as their home therapy, as the disease progresses, they will need to use oxygen tanks so that they can get sufficient air into their lungs.  Oxygen tanks are for home use and can give those with chronic lung conditions the oxygen supply that they need in order to find relief and enjoy a better quality of life.

Those who have chronic lung diseases can find all the medical equipment and medical supplies they need right online. There is a variety of home oxygen equipment that can be used for this purpose. The oxygen tank usually comes either with an oxygen mask that is used when the person is short of breath and often in the early stages of lung disease.  In later stages, it often becomes necessary to use an oxygen system that enables them to get the oxygen from the oxygen cylinder to their lungs on a steady basis.

Devices that provide home oxygen to patients who are suffering from lung disease usually come in portable models so that the individual can maintain proper oxygen levels without compromising their mobility. The portable oxygen concentrator and oxygen compressor are particularly handy as they allow patients to fill their own high-pressure cylinders any time and anywhere. This also helps them save time as well as money as it eliminated the need for service calls for oxygen deliveries.

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