What Rollators Can Do For You

There are times in everyone’s life when, due to an accident, illness or even simple aging, that they may be in need of a walking aid. There are many choices out there, but not everyone will feel comfortable using a cane, crutches, or even a medical walker. If this should ever happen to you, we feel that you should be informed that there is another choice available in simple walking aids, devices known as rollators and in this article, we will show you how useful they can be, and what they can do to aid you in regaining your mobility.

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What is a Rollator?

RollatorSimilar in design to a medical walker, rollators go beyond them in terms of stability, comfort, and ease of use. Some people may find using a walker as cumbersome, and difficult to maneuver at various times. Trying to turn around, or even move backwards with a walker can be problematic, and may not be the best idea for anyone that has both mobility and balance issues. A rollator, on the other hand, may possess options that can help any person who wishes to move about in safety, without the added problems that some mobility aids can bring, like power chairs or wheelchairs.

A rollator is framed similarly to a walker, which is basically an extended aluminum frame designed for leaning upon while moving in a forward direction. The difference lies in the rest of the design, which is longer, and encourages the user of such a device to center their balance in the middle of it, rather than leaning forward at all times. Unlike walkers, which come with or without wheels, the rollator gets its name, in part, from granting the user the ability to roll about, on three or four wheels at all times. It is perfect for anyone who is relearning how to walk, after an accident, surgery or while recovering from paralysis, because it allows for normal forward movement while aiding in stability while doing so.

Easy to Use

When toddlers are learning to walk for the first time, they are usually placed in toys that surround them securely, to protect them from falling, as well as a place to sit and rest. Rollators do the same thing for people beyond their toddler years, who need that same stability and safety. With the optional seat installed, it is the perfect mobility aid for people who may need to rest while moving about, without the need to seek out other public seating. They can also be outfitted with baskets and pouches for carrying anything you wish. The three wheel design offers a narrower wheel base for getting around tight spaces, and making stable turns.