walkerAt Mobility Specialists, our quality four-wheel walkers give you the support and mobility you need to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.  With four large, sturdy wheels, these walkers are meant to roll, not just stand around, but they also have heavy-duty hand brakes and a comfortable padded seat for when you’re ready to take a break.  Our walkers’ frames are designed to be sturdy and stable so that whether you sit, lean, or walk, you can trust your walker to be as solid as a rock.

We know that for many people with disability or weight handicaps, staying on their feet and walking is a quality of life issue.  These people need walkers that can go anywhere they go.  Our four-wheeled walkers are designed to meet that need, coming standard with not only sturdy padded seats but also underseat baskets, storage compartments, and padded backrests.  These features allow our customers to do more than get from room to room at home—our walkers are ready to go to market, go to the park, and go smiling all the way home.     All our walkers are also lightweight, and they fold up easily for convenient transport and storage.

At Mobility Specialists, we have a wide range of four-wheel walkers to choose from, including extra-wide models with a steel frame that can accommodate up to 500 lbs.  Our highly qualified and knowledgeable customer service representatives can help guide you through the options and accessories available and can answer any questions you may have.  We want to help match you with a walker that fits your tastes, needs, and budget because, as our mission statement says, we pride ourselves on offering independence and freedom to those with disabilities.

Desiring to improve your quality of life (not give you headaches)  we not only offer competitive prices that free you up to get rolling again but we also sell national brands that have track records of consistent quality and excellent service, so you’ll never get stuck with a defective walker.  Our partnership with quality national brands also ensures that walker parts and maintenance are quickly accessible nationwide, and these established brands will be around to stand behind their excellent warranties.

Ajustable WalkerMobility Specialists also offers a full line of mobility accessories , including various bags, cupholders and flags, threshold ramps, equipment holders, weather chaps, trays, covers, and canopies.  We’ll help you find and outfit your four-wheeled walker so that you can maintain your freedom to stand tall and walk the world again.





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