Types of Bed and Floor Trapezes Available For Home Use Today

When you or a loved one is dependent upon home health care, it is essential that you have the right equipment at your disposal. For those who might be temporarily sidelined by an accident, or have lost independent mobility because of illness, the ability to get in and out of bed can sometimes be a great challenge. To aid those you care about, an essential tool can be one of the many types of bed and floor trapezes available for home use today.

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Why Use Bed and Floor Trapezes at Home?

TrapezeIf you or your loved one has difficulty getting in or out of bed independently, or while being transferred to a mobility device like a wheelchair, it is important to use trapeze equipment to aid you in this task. The primary reasoning behind this fact is simple: safety.

Bed Trapezes

There are two main types of hospital bed trapezes available today for home use. The first, the overhead trapeze bar, attaches to the headboard of the bed or hospital bed used by those who need assistance. Always within reach but never in the way, it is an essential tool for pulling themselves up in bed, shifting positions to avoid bedsores, and even as an exercise bar to regain their upper body strength. It also restores their sense of independence by allowing them the freedom to move about on their own.

The second type of medical trapeze for beds is the bedrail trapeze. It attaches securely to the side rail of any hospital bed, and can be swung up and away to get it out of anyone’s way. It too allows the user to pull themselves up to a sitting position, practice strengthening exercises and is especially useful for those who may be taller than the norm, as it can be placed anywhere along the bedrail for assistance purposes.

Floor Trapezes

There are essentially two types of free standing floor trapezes available for home use: stationary and wheeled. The stationary trapeze acts just as its name suggests and is perfect for bariatric patients who may need more assistance than others in achieving a sitting position prior to being transferred to a wheelchair.

The wheeled version is the more versatile of the two. Since it can be moved anywhere you need it to go, with locking wheels for added stability, it can be used for transferring anyone from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to bed or other seating and from wheelchair to the bath, if need be. It is amazing how these simple bed and floor trapezes can add such a sense of independence and well-being to anyone limited in mobility at home.