How The Proper Bedding Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Pressure Ulcers

If you are caring for someone with limited mobility or who is forced to spend a lot of time in bed, you know that pressure ulcers can pose a serious risk to their health and can set back their recovery. However, the right bed can greatly reduce the chances of a patient suffering a pressure ulcer and can help speed up wound healing.

Pressure UlcersThe key to reducing the chances of patients developing a pressure ulcer is to spread out the patient’s body weight and minimize individual pressure points. When a person is confined to a bed and their weight rests on a few narrow areas of the friction, the pressure that is placed on the skin can damage it and pressure ulcers will form over time.

There are several stages to pressure ulcers. In their early stages, a  bed sore (another name for these ulcers) simply looks like reddened areas of the skin. They may appear over any bony area of the skin where there is less padding to prevent damage. Over time, these reddened areas form blisters which break open and it is at this point that bacteria can get in and cause infection.

Dry Floatation MattressAt their most serious, a bed sore can become so deep that bone and muscle are damaged. This can cause permanent pain and loss of strength. In a patient who is attempting to recover from injury, this can slow down wound recovery time since the body is suddenly attempting to heal not only the original wound but the bed sores as well. Severe infection can also cause a wide range of serious health complications.

For effective pressure ulcer treatment and to reduce bed sores, the right mattress or mattress cover is critical. There are different options for therapeutic bedding. The first is a mattress overlay and the second is an inflatable mattress. Depending on what bedding the patient is already using, you may find that one option is more convenient than the other.

Select Air MattressMost pressure relief bedding utilizes air to cushion a bedridden patient. This means that the weight is distributed more evenly and the chances of developing bed sores is reduced. Because they use air, many of them can be adjusted to a patient’s body shape which provides custom comfort to the bedridden patient.

If you need safe and effective pressure relief bedding, you need to check out the Mobility Specialists website. They have a range of therapeutic bedding that can help keep a bedridden patient safe and can help speed up wound healing.