The Different Types Of Geriatric Chairs

Geriatric chairs are chairs that are especially designed to make it easier and more comfortable for elderly patients to sit and relax as well as to get around. These geri chairs usually have ergonomically comfortable headrests, footrests and armrests in addition to cushioned seats and secure grips. They are ideal for older individuals who are looking for something that is in between a wheelchair and a powered mobility device.

Geri Chair

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Meeting The Special Needs Of Geriatrics

Geriatric chairs are the perfect solution for elderly patients who need more positioning support that what a regular chair can provide. These chairs for the elderly are easier to get in and out of and help improve the quality of life for the patient. They are especially helpful for those who have Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s and also for those who are recovering from a stroke.

Here are some of the types that are available:

Geriatric Reclining Chair

This adjustable chair goes from upright to full recline, providing much needed positioning and relief for those who those who have severe mobility issues. This type of chair has a contoured back with lumbar support built in, which encourages natural relaxation. It also helps ease discomfort from heart, respiratory and other health conditions.

Geriatric Activity Chair

This is a type of day chair that is designed for users who are more mobile. The footrests can be put down for support when sitting and can be flipped up to make it easier for the user to get out of when necessary. Activity chairs are typically narrower than other geri chairs so it is easier for the user to maneuver even in tight places.  Additional maneuverability is provided by 4 swivel casters and a directional wheel lock on the rear wheels, which allow the chair to be moved down the hallways without too much effort.

Heavy Weight Capacity Geri Chair

These over-sized medical chairs are extra sturdy and strong and capable of accommodating up to 1000 lbs.

Drop Arm Geri Chairs

Drop arm are designed to facilitate patient side transfer. The left and right arms can be dropped down for easy access and easy transfer. The reclining models additionally also have a three-position design for more comfortable positioning.