How to Choose the Correct Lift Chair for You

Lift chairs offer tremendous benefits to anyone who has difficulty getting up off from the sitting position or getting into a chair from the standing position. These power lift chairs are designed to gently move you from the sitting, standing or reclining position with a push of a conveniently placed button.

A lift chair can give you the freedom to move around safely while reducing the likelihood of possible strain or injury. In order to enjoy all the benefits that lift chairs offer, it is important to choose the right type for your requirements. At Mobility Specialists, we have a wide range of lift chair models and we can help you select one that is right for your desired comfort and convenience. Call us today.

Here are some of the different types of lift chairs that are available and the special features of that particular type:

Standard Lift Chairs

In standard motorized lift chairs the seat is the only moving piece. The backrest does not recline but it will lift you to a standing position just like any lift chair would. These are the most basic and affordable of all models and the added advantage is they take up much less space. Since the chair back does not recline, they can be placed closer to the wall.

Lift Chair

2-Position Lift Chairs

With a 2-position lift chair, you can keep the back upright for writing and eating or it can be tilted back 45 degrees for reading or watching TV.

3- Position Lift Chairs

3-position lift chairs allow you to sit upright, at a 3-position lift chairs45 degree angle or almost at a full recline for sleeping.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs

With infinite recliner lift chairs you can manually adjust the chair in an infinite number of positions. These chairs have a separate motor for the chair back and the foot rest so you can adjust each one individually according to your preference. This model can be positioned for your utmost comfort while sitting, reading or sleeping and is particularly useful for anyone who has to spend extended periods of time in a lift chair.

Bariatric Lift Chairs

Bariatric lift chairs are especially designed for bigger built individuals. They typically have greater lifting capacities and wider seating areas and are powered by heavy-duty motors.

Bath Lift Chairs

Bath lift chairs help to safely lower you into and out of a bathtub if you are having problems doing so yourself. They are a must for anybody with mobility issues and can be moved out easily when the bathtub needs to be used by anybody else.

In addition to being helpful for the elderly, medical lift chairs are also beneficial for anyone who suffers from a motor disease as well as for anyone who is injured and requires temporary assistance. They come in a wide range of designs, sizes and special features to suit all types of requirements.