Heavy-Duty Lift Chairs Can Take a Load off Your Feet

Heavy-duty lift chairs offer all the benefits of standard lift chairs with one significant additional advantage – they are designed to tolerate a larger amount of weight. While regular power chairs are capable of carrying approximately 300 pounds, these oversized chairs can support up to 500 pounds and some models can carry even more. This is an especially beneficial feature for individuals who need to use a mobility chair but are too heavy to use a regular chair comfortably.

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Special Features of Heavy Duty Lift Chairs

Heavy Duty Lift ChairA heavy-duty lift chair will have several features that are similar to the regular sized chair lift with a few vital differences.

•Oversized models feature frames that are reinforced to hold the excess weight without bending or giving way. The reinforced frames also increase their stability.

•The seats are broader and deeper so a bigger person can fit in more comfortably.

•Heavy-duty versions are outfitted with a more powerful scissor mechanism and lift actuator as compared to standard models. These run on dual electric motors that are capable of lifting heavier individuals weighing up to 500 lbs. Some specials models can effectively handle up to 700 pounds.

•These models also come with battery backup units so they will still function even when there is an unexpected power outage,

Many handicap chair models come with a wide array of accessories for increased comfort and efficiency. Foot and leg rests that can be extended help stimulate circulation and alleviate stiffness, both fallouts of enforced sitting for long periods of time. Other accessories such as massage options, head and lumbar pillows, special hand controls, heat options and storage pockets can all be added to enhance user experience and comfort.

What to Look For When Buying a Handicap Chair

When buying a handicap chair look for one that is spacious and comfortable to sit in and looks stable and strong enough to take your weight. Sit in it and make sure that the seat is deep enough so that the edge comes just up to the knee joint and the height of the seat is such that while sitting your feet just touches the floor for easier sitting and rising. Check that the mechanism is easy to handle.