Avail the Benefits of a 3-Position Lift Chair

A lift chair is especially designed to assist the user to go from the seated position to a standing position. While there are several types of basic chair lifts, a 3-position lift chair offers a higher degree of comfort and versatility to users. In addition to its basic function, many people find these chairs comfortable enough for sitting in while reading or watching television and even for taking a nap or a good night’s sleep.  The design is such that they give full support and utmost comfort to the back and legs.

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What is a Three Position Lift Chair?

Three Position Lift ChairAs the name suggests, a 3-position lift chair offers three chair recline positions. It offers an upright position, a 45-degree angle and an almost flat reclining position at 135-degrees. In these chairs, the ottoman and the back operate in tandem so when the back is reclined, the footrest is raised along with it. The chair can also lift up to help the user get to a standing position.

Three-position lift chairs offer several advantages over other types of handicap chairs. The three relaxing positions offer added comfort as the user has the option of choosing from a sitting position, a reading position or a fully reclined position. These chairs are affordable, suitable for all age groups from kids and teenagers to the aged, and handicapped too.

Is it Time to switch to a Power Chair?

Sometimes, the symptoms of fatigue and pain creep in so gradually that we do not notice it immediately. We put it off as a temporary impediment but slowly, we find we are less and less inclined to do things we used to enjoy doing. Getting out of the chair and going out anywhere becomes a chore. The very quality of our life becomes an issue. Is it time to switch over to a power chair? If you find that pain and fatigue are restricting you from doing the things you love, it is time to consider getting help. It is time to consider getting a lift chair that can help you do more things with less pain and less fatigue. This can be the ideal solution to helping you regain your independence and boosting the quality of your life.