Are You a Candidate for a Two-Position Lift Chair?

The two-position lift chair is just one of the recent innovations in home health care. Designed to blend into any home décor, this helpful addition to home furniture helps the homebound and elderly be able to get out of a sitting position more easily and without help. As we all know, when you are limited in mobility, any sense of independence in movement can be a blessing.

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Two-Position Lift ChairWho is a Candidate for This Mobility Aid?

Anyone who needs aid in moving about their home because of illness or physical limitations can benefit from owning a two-position lift chair. If you are having difficulty getting up from a seated position, the aid this item can give you is priceless. Designed as an adjustable recliner, it is very comfortable to sit in and its unique motorized lift can bring you back to your feet safely within minutes of being engaged.

It has two distinct positions when in use:

• The first position is that of an upright chair, just like a recliner in its upright position. When you need to stand, a control on the arm engages a motor that will gently move the seat forward, allowing you to regain your feet as if you had done it all on your own.

• The second position of this chair is at a slight incline backwards, just like a comfortable recliner. It is a great position for reading, watching television, or even taking a short nap in the afternoon. When you are ready to leave the chair, just touch the control to return to a sitting position, and then upright.

Other Types of Chair Lifts Available

There are three other types of fashionable lift chairs available for use today in home health care. The three position chair works just like the two-position, except that it has a third position where the seat and back recline into an almost horizontal position. Try staying awake while resting comfortably in this position! Absolutely perfect for an afternoon nap.

Next is the infinite position chair, where there is very little limit to the angles you can adjust this chair to. The last version is the zero gravity lift chair. Perfect for those who deal with breathing issues or chronic back pain, it takes pressure off your spine as your body rests comfortably in a specially created chair that is not affected by the weight of your body against it. These, as well as the two-position lift chair, make resting at home for hours at a time, more comfortable than ever before.