Lift Chair

Lift Chairs

Are you ready to get swept off your feet by one of our luxurious lift chairs—and then get put back on your feet with the touch of a button?  At Mobility Specialists, we know that a comfortable, well-fitted lounge chair can be a sanctuary within your home, but having to get back up can be a rude awakening.  However, whether your muscles and joints just don’t work as well as they used to or your weight makes standing up more difficult, you won’t have to worry when you sit back in one of our chairs.

Our lift chairs raise you to a semi-standing position when you’re ready to go take on the world, and they lower you back to relaxed comfort when you’re ready to take your retreat.  Some models give you even more options, from leg extensions to fully reclined sleep positions.  We all know the joys of a nap in a plush chair—our lift chairs just make getting up from the nap a little easier!

Our chairs at Mobility Specialists come in a variety of models because our customers come with a variety of shapes, sizes, and preferences.  We have chairs that fit everyone from the short and small (five feet and under) to the big and tall (up to 6’ 8” and 600-700 lbs). Our extra-wide chairs are especially comfortable for our customers who find regular seats a bit of a pinch.

Because we also want our lift chairs to fit your home as well as they fit you, we offer a variety of designs, cushion styles, color patterns, and materials.  Your chair doesn’t have to stick out like a sore thumb in your living room, and you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Our chairs are built upon a steel and solid wood frame that’s backed by a lifetime warranty, a warranty that also backs most of their lift and recliner mechanisms.  Our chairs also sport dual and triple motors on some models for additional power, and they are designed to operate as quietly and unobtrusively as possible.   Our partnership with quality national brands also makes parts and maintenance quickly accessible nationwide, and these established brands with their excellent warranties ensure that your chair will always rise to the occasion.

At Mobility Specialists, we know that buying a lift chair is a significant investment, one that should improve your quality of life, not give you headaches.  Our highly qualified and knowledgeable customer service representatives can help guide you through the options and accessories available—and can answer any questions you may have.  We want to help match you with a chair that fits your tastes, needs, and budget because, as our mission statement says, we pride ourselves on offering independence and freedom to those with disabilities.

Pride Lift ChairCheck out Mobility Specialists’s full line of accessories  and other mobility, home care, and bariatric products. At Mobility Specialists, we believe “home” should mean “comfort,” and nothing says comfort more than the worry-free experience of settling back in one of our stylish lift chairs.