Diabetic Supplies for the Home

Diabetes is a medical condition where the pancreas cannot produce the proper level of blood glucose to keep the body functioning as it should.

• Type 1 diabetes occurs because the blood glucose level is often too low to maintain all of the body’s systems, and must be helped along by injections of insulin.

• In Type 2 diabetes, the level of blood glucose constantly fluctuates, and must be maintained through diet and exercise, primarily. Insulin for Type 2 is unnecessary, unless required in extreme circumstances.

Diabetic SuppliesRegardless of what type of diabetes you have, you will still need some form of diabetic supplies for travel, and at home.

We, at Mobility Specialists, care about your health. If you have diabetes, then you need the proper diabetic supplies to manage your health. Call us today for a list of what we have available for you.

The Basic Necessities

When it comes to purchasing diabetic supplies for the home, there are some basic necessities that all types of diabetes patients use regularly. Insulin is usually available through prescription, and is bought when needed. The other types of basic supplies are as follows:

Blood glucose meter: A glucose meter is a device used several times a day to measure the level of glucose present in the bloodstream. Readings from this meter will indicate to an educated patient whether their current level is within the norm, or whether they need to supplement it with insulin or glucose tabs. It requires test strips to operate, as well as a lancet to draw the blood. There is a non-invasive version on the market that requires no strips or lancets to operate.

Test strips: Test strips are coded strips of specially treated paper, similar to litmus test strips, and are available through prescription. A diabetic pricks themselves in order to draw blood, which is then applied to the test strip. The blood glucose meter is then able to detect how much glucose is present in their bloodstream.

Glucose tabs or gel: These are pre-measured doses of synthetic glucose intended for use as a quick fix for dropping levels of blood sugar. These are not intended as substitutes for a regular meal, which would restore proper levels naturally, or for a dose of insulin.

Specialty Equipment

For some diabetics, insulin is a large part of their daily life. Their condition is such that their glucose levels need constant monitoring, and they need a supply of insulin on hand at all times to compensate for low levels. To that end, your home health care requirements may need you to purchase some specialty equipment for your use at home.

Insulin cases: These are specially designed cases for the transport of vials of insulin outside the home. Insulin must be temperature regulated to preserve its potency, and these cases will allow you to take it with you, without chance of it being destroyed by temperature extremes.

Insulin pumps: Some patients may require insulin therapy as part of their diabetic supplies, and these pumps will deliver subcutaneous doses for 24-hour periods of time.