An Overview of Solid Ramps for the Home And Beyond

When a medical condition has caused you or a loved one to become limited in mobility, you may have to resort to using a wheelchair or mobility scooter to get from one place to another. Nothing restores independence like one of these wonderful devices but they can be limited in their use if the landscape inside and outside your home prevents them from being used freely. There is hope however, and it lies in the use of solid ramps for the home and beyond.

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Solid RampFor Use Inside the Home

For movement along a single floor inside the home, in order to accommodate the use of a wheelchair inside, some modifications to the home will need to be made. For example, you may need to widen the doorways so that the chair can move through them.

A threshold form of solid ramps can be used to make the transition over the threshold flawless, without risk of becoming trapped by the wheels snagging.

A threshold ramp can be left up permanently or folded for storage when it’s not needed. A threshold is a tri-fold ramp that fits snugly over the existing threshold, providing a slight ramp shape that will not trap the wheels of any wheelchairs or power scooters. This makes traveling from room to room much easier, especially if the user prefers having no assistance while doing so.

For Use Outside the Home

Threshold ramps can also be placed over the doorsill leading to the front steps, to make getting in and out of the home easier. From there, leaving the home while in a wheelchair will depend on some form of ramp, even over the shortest of staircases. There are two basic forms available for use: the semi-permanent modular ramp and the permanent solid ramp.

Semi-Permanent Modular Ramp: The modular version is a series of customizable panels that snap together to form an easy to navigate semi-permanent ramp that can be used to get over any obstructions, from stairs to uneven walkways.

Permanent Solid Ramp: The solid form is more permanent, and less expensive to use. It is designed to be a permanent fixture, and comes in either a pre-assembled whole, or an easy to construct kit.

Taking It on the Road

A big part of restoring independence to anyone dealing with mobility issues is the ability to leave the home ground, and travel about. There are permanently installed solid ramps that can be rigged to extend over the entry to the van and down, providing an easily negotiated ramp when needed. Done, just reverse it and it folds up and out of the way via electricity. The portable version is just as solid, and can be left folded up in storage until needed.