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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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“Your staff is diligent in its problem-solving techniques and works hard to serve my true needs.  The four-point home assessment asked all the right questions, addressing my issues ahead of time.”

Vincent Strawbridge, Lakeland, Florida





Seating and Positioning

Airlite CushionHere is just a sample of the seating and positioning we carry at Mobility Specialists.



AirLITE’s combines state of the art technology and cutting edge design to provide you comfort and support where you need it most. The AirLITE® cushion combines an innovative pre-set, sealed Air Flotation component with foam that is contoured to suit the anatomy. This enables users to sit comfortably for extended periods of time.


Whereas most foam cushions eventually get compressed and will wear out with use, the pre-set, sealed Air Flotation component that is integrated into the AirLITE cushion is designed to last longer and offer the same high level of comfort throughout.


The AirLite cushion is especially designed with an ischial well and leg (femur) troughs to provide users with support for comfort, control and stability of their lower extremities.


The pre-set Air Flotation component means that the AirLITE cushion requires no adjustments whatsoever. To get the desired comfort and improved alignment, the AirLITE cushion simply needs to be placed in the wheelchair. That’s it!


With a weight of 2.0 pounds ( 1 kg) , the AirLITE cushion is far lighter than its counterparts that weigh about 4.0 to 8.0 pounds. This makes the AirLITE more desirable for use in mobility systems as its light weight makes for easier propelling as well as transporting.

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