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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Therapeutic & Pressure-Relief Mattresses

 ROHO DRY FLOATATION products are known for exceptional protection against pressure, shear and friction. SelectAir is a product line that also guards against moisture. It is a cost-effective alternative to fully-integrated bed systems, and is ideal for clients who need special protection from the damaging effects of excess moisture on the skin associated with perspiration.

Here is just a sample of the therapeutic and pressure relief mattresses that we carry at Mobility Specialists.



Select Air MattressSelectAir® low air loss mattress systems are a complete line that offers the most cost-effective alternative for skin protection and pressure sore prevention.

• Reliable, whisper-quiet operation

• Portable and lightweight

• Low energy consumption

• User-friendly control panel

• Microprocessor controlled

• Firm mattress mode with timer to facilitate nursing care during dressing change and patient repositioning

• Custom sizes available. Contact Customer Service

SelectAir® System includes: SelectAir®Pump, Mattress with foot pillow, zippered "Nylon" cover with foot pillow and a one-inch foam pad.


Dry Floatation Mattress



The ORIGINAL non-powered, adjustable, zoned, advanced pressure-relieving mattress overlay.

• Helps heal advanced stage (III & IV) ischemic ulcers.

• Friction and shear relief surface.

• Zoned. Four sections each 20" x 34" / 51 cm x 86 cm

• Adjustable. 3.5" (8 cm) high air cells can be adjusted to the patient's body shape and size.

• Non-powered. Requires no external power source.

• Drainage holes pull fluids away from incontinent client.

• Durable neoprene rubber is flame-resistant and can be easily cleaned.

• Repairable. Extends overall life of mattress.

• Reusable covers are available.

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