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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Bed Related Products: Designed For Comfort & Safety

Being confined to a hospital bed can make an already difficult situation even more trying and frustrating for your love ones. We understand this and are committed to doing our best to make sure your love ones are comfortable as possible. We offer several different types of bed related products that can be attached to the modern hospital beds to make them safer and more convenient.

Bed Rails To Make the Bed Much More Secure

Bed RailsBed rails are an essential component in hospital beds. Full length rails for bed act as effective restraints and offer the necessary protection for your love ones who could otherwise fall off the bed. Half bed rails or quarter bed rails are other options that are available in situations wherein full length rails are too restrictive.

In addition, there are special bed rails that inhibit involuntary body movements. These are typically employed in special circumstances to prevent individuals from inadvertently hurting themselves.

A support bar is the best choice for love ones who require extra support for getting up and out of the bed. These vertical bars can be fixed at the head of the bed and can be used as support by the patient. Reduced gap bed rails are also available for extra safety. Proper care should be taken and the bed rail chosen based on its utility.

Overbed Tables For Added Convenience

Overbed TableBeing confined to a bed all the time can be frustrating, boring and depressing. An overbed table can help your love ones read, eat and even work from their beds. These overbed tables are attached to the side of the bed and can be rolled over to the front. They come in adjustable heights to suit the requirements of different individuals and can be tilted or kept at different angles to cater to reading, eating or working requirements. A side bed table is a must for your love one who wants to keep in touch with the rest of the world while still in bed.

The Choice Of Mattress For Hospital Beds

If your love must spend all their time on a hospital bed, the selection of the right mattress is imperative. A foam mattress made of memory foam is ideal for your love one who is bedridden. These memory foam mattresses exert subtle pressure on the various parts of body and help prevent bed sores and other such problems.

Mobility Specialists provides a wide range of high quality bed related products that are designed to enhance the comfort and safety of your love ones. Visit our store today. 

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