Mobility Specialists

The team that makes up Mobility Specialists provides mobility and medical product solutions for people with disabilities, working to help real people with real needs regain their independence.  Mobility Specialists, formerly known as All Ways Accessible Rehab, has been a trusted source of mobility and HME products for area doctors, therapists, nursing homes, and home care nurses for several years.  At Mobility Specialists, we accept Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance.

As an accredited* company, we work closely with other health care professionals to verify the patient’s information and do a personal evaluation, right in the comfort of his or her home.   We know that one size does not fit all, and our team is dedicated to providing mobility and HME solutions that really make life easier for our customers.

Company founder William “Butch” Vanderpool, a [twenty-five year] veteran of the medical services industry, has put together a highly qualified and knowledgeable team, each member bringing a functional expertise to the company.  This team’s expertise, creativity, and years of integrated service allow Mobility Specialists to set a high standard for service in its area, and each member gains personal fulfillment by treating customers with the utmost dignity and respect.

Our customers get the product they need along with professional, personalized service.  Our medical associates get peace of mind because they know their patients are well taken care of.  At least, that’s what our clients and their repeat business tell us.  And that’s what we call “life made easier.”

Gold Certified Repair Center
MED Gold Certified Repair Center

Our Gold Certified service department not only takes care of the equipment we sell but it can also fix and adjust any ill-fitting or broken equipment our customers may have purchased elsewhere, even if it’s not one of our brands.  It’s part of our mission to be able to fix anything that inhibits our customers’ quality of life, even if that means cleaning up someone else’s messes.

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ACHC Accreditation

When seeking services from a home health care company, one must ask the question, “Are all home care organizations alike?” The answer is “no”. The quality of home care can differ significantly from one organization to another. There are several thousand public and private organizations nationwide, with new ones opening up every day. ACHC accreditation provides consumer protection.

ACHA Accredited